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About Me


I am a change agent. My passion is teaching you how to change your life in order to to overcome anxiety and depression, and create a life that is grounded and balanced.


I am a Stanford-trained Clinical Psychologist and have been practicing for 10 years. I am an expert in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Positive Psychology. Science-based interventions lead to positive outcomes, and this is the bread and butter of my practice.


I will teach you how to combat distorted thoughts and modify unhelpful behaviors that stand in your way. You will learn proven strategies to feel better starting today. We will examine all areas of your life and select interventions that will have maximum impact on your positive changes.


I have a doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the

PAU-Stanford Consortium, where I specialized in

evidence-based treatment.


When you feel ready for change, I am your person.



Instagram: @drwendyoconnor

Facebook: www.facebook.com/drwendyoconnor

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